Microsoft Office for iOS to be released in early 2013



The Verge today reported that Microsoft Office app early next year will finally be released for  Android and iOS. There seems to exist no doubt on whether mobile Office version is coming for these two operating systems, the question is now when the software will be released? According to The Verge, the iOS version of Microsoft Office will be available in February or March next year, and the Android version will follow shortly sometime in Ma.

It seems furthermore established that a Microsoft account is required if you want to use the Office software, which incidentally “free” will be downloaded in the App Store. With a free account, it is only possible to view files. Would you also edit the files then you can activate it via an in-app purchase on. It is also unclear what features and capabilities are incorporated into the software, but in the article it seems that you still should use as the desktop version.


It is usually uncertain how a lot a month-to-month subscription to Place of work 365 will value and the way it’s with safety. This can be the most important level for Administrative center, on condition that the free Google Power carrier already deals identical choices.

Even though that is every other rumor that Place of work is coming to iOS, it appears this time is that the rumors are authentic. For many individuals it’s going to be just right information, as a result of there are lots of people, together with me, who use Workplace and in addition in possession of an iPhone or iPad. We can as a minimum have a couple of months to look ahead to the discharge of Workplace for iOS.

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