Microsoft Office Allegedly To Be Released For The iPad And Android In November


An nameless supply inside Microsoft has to BGR reported that the iPad version of Microsoft Office is available in November. The app will also be made ​​available for Android . According to BGR, the Office app almost identical to the app leaked in November 2011 from The Daily, although Microsoft denied that their application was submitted.


Additionally, our source has seen Microsoft Office running on an iPad first-hand and has said that it looks almost identical to the previous leak from The Daily a few months back, despite the fact that Microsoft flat out denied that the app was authentic.

There is a chance that Office for the iPhone and iPod touch will appear. BGR's source says that in the loading screens are referred to 'Office for iOS' instead of 'Office for iPhone. Also, for the first time is now, Android phones will have an Microsoft office version, the speech, although it was recently reported that a mobile version was planned to be released for the Apple iPad. Supposedly the iOS version running not only on the iPad as assumed, but also on the highly successful Apple iPhone as well .

Whether the Android version is also designed for use on smartphones and tablets, or only suitable for one of two types of devices is not yet clear. Until now only Microsoft OneNote provides a variant of iPad. Android is still no official Microsoft Office apps available. Microsoft had in February posted a then picture to show Office for the iPad as a "fake" dismissed. Supposedly, the Office edition for iOS will include among others special versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which documents both online, as can also be edited offline. There has been long awaited Microsoft Office for the iPad.

According to The Daily had the app in February on "several weeks" in the App Store appear, something that still has not happened. It seems BGR's november release a lot more likely.


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