After fighting for decades against piracy, Microsoft surprised us today with the news that Windows 10 offered to anyone with a copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8, even if the software is product piracy.
This means that you will no longer lose isos of The Pirate Bay, burn and find a valid license on the comments before formatting your computer, since Microsoft made peace with everyone and now offer its operating system (OS) in exchange for … nothing.

In just a few days to have a Windows 10 finally among us, remember that it is the next day July 29 when finally arrive. And Microsoft is starting to move the machinery of advertising and marketing gradually. Yesterday we met the first announcements of Windows 10, in which the protagonists were very adorable babies.

Windows_Insider_Ninjacat_Narwhal-1024x768-Desktop1 Windows_Insider_Ninjacat_Trex-1024x768-Desktop Windows_Insider_Ninjacat_Unicorn-1024x768-Desktop

Now, Gabe Aul, published in the official Windows blog entry in which available to users in PNG images of famous ninja cat riding a unicorn and its new variants, which goes over a T- Rex and narwhal carrying two pieces of bacon on his horn. Thanks to these files, users can create their own wallpaper or stickers to share with the entire community.

To download the images, visit the website of the official Windows blog here.. Also, if you send by Skype any of these words with parentheses including a gif of T-Rex appears: (windows10) (win10), (ninjacat), (windows) or (Trex).

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