Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Phone 8.1 with Notification Center and voice Cortana assistant


WP-8Microsoft officially unveiled updated mobile platform Windows Phone 8.1, which is built “smart” voice assistant Cortana. Announced a new version of the OS group vice president of Microsoft operating systems Joe Belfiore .

Cortana voice assistant was so named in honor of artificial intelligence series 3D- shooter Halo. To ” vinfonah “, although it took the form of a circular animated icons and not a female character that pulsates when he says , and rotates when searching answer. When you run the assistant asks the user What’s on your mind? (” What are you thinking ? “), And then displays a list of issues, which are highly likely can ask . Communicate with Cortana as possible by entering text using the onscreen keyboard , and voice.


Cortana is able to do everything that Siri: appointments in the calendar and remind you of upcoming events , search the internet , play music , write SMS dictation , launch applications , find nearby cafes and restaurants with high ratings . Information about the world of analogue “apple” assistant draws from a search engine Microsoft Bing.

Cortana can interact with third-party applications, including Facebook, Skype, Hulu and others. The user can control , c which data works Cortana – interests, reminders, search for music or locations – and can set the “hours of silence .” BETA Cortana initially appear in the U.S. , then Microsoft is going to launch it in the UK and China , and then around the world.


Device users to get a Windows Phone 8.1 Control Center , which is run during the screen from bottom to top and contains notifications from applications and device settings . Users can decide how to receive alerts from different applications – sound, vibration or other signals. Also they will be able to personalize the lock screen – for example, show him the plans for the calendar week and alerts, and execute the “live tiles ” on the main screen unified visual theme. In addition, the platform adds support for an additional row of ” tiles ” .


To another innovation relates screen keyboard style Swype. It will gain full sentences , ” gliding ” finger on the screen , and to guess what word the user is going to print next. Microsoft boasted that she has asked the representatives of Guinness Book of Records with a request to register the input method as the fastest smartphones .

Windows Phone 8.1 will be available ” in the next few months.” Before other buyers receive new update on which it will already be installed. As stated in the company, the device must leave in April – May .

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