Microsoft Outlook gets 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6s



For some time this part the guys Microsoft are clearly betting on the platform not only Apple but also Google for, although it is noteworthy that since the coming of the new CEO at Microsoft, the relationship has become is a kind of love story, speaking in different presentations that makes each of the platform’s old rival. It took longer but in the end,  Microsoft updated its mail application Outlook, making it compatible with the new 3D Touch feature that allows us to quickly access from the application button options without having to navigate through menus.

The new 3D Touch function implemented in Outlook allows a simple gesture to create new emails as well as events and also direct access to the calendar of our email client. So far the Peek & Pop function does not appear anywhere, but it has today and after this update has not been added is likely to Microsft this still thinking how to implement to make it really useful.

Another new feature that Microsoft has added in this update is the ability to print messages directly from the preview, a feature that greatly speeds up printing work quickly without having to post delve into the menus.

With the new Outlook, after this update, you can save iOS contacts stored in Office 365 and Exchange   in the address book to make easier to work when it comes to knowing who is calling and sending text messages.

Download the latest version of the Outlook app from the App Store


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