Microsoft Outlook Getting Dark Mode to Support iOS


Microsoft gradually started to make some changes to the Outlook for iOS app interface.

The new Outlook uses brighter colors designed to help users immediately identify the app’s most important content. Headers and message lists shrink and expand dynamically as you scroll over and the calendar icon opens with an animation in the calendar.

Also available in dark mode, Microsoft introduced new tactile feedback to create what it calls resonant experience. For the most important operations, the user will also receive a tactile feedback that will help to understand when a certain operation has been completed.

Outlook is now able to identify any conflicts in meetings and scheduled appointments, proposing alternative options that are shared among all participants. And if there are multiple accounts and calendars in the app, the new icons will help easily switch between them. The roll-out of this update will be completed in a few days.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS is free to download from App Store.

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