Microsoft is working on Windows 10 and have already taught us some new features that will update. In Microsoft are determined to unify the platform, providing the same user experience for all users, whether they connect from a computer, tablet, smartphone or even your Xbox. The Redmond company showed some details of the version for computers and recently it was the turn of Windows 10 for mobile.

The company began a program of public betas that any user can install, so you can try out the latest system and Microsoft gets a lot of information to go polishing system details. Microsoft intends to get Windows 10 to as many phones as possible, as confirmed by TechCrunch. Microsoft is working on providing custom ROMs for Android users, enabling them to turn their devices to Windows 10 without change mobile.

The idea is similar to Android custom ROMs such as Cyanogen. For now, Microsoft is working with Xiaomi to test this system, but not mean that they will initiate a collaboration, but they are providing the help they need for pretesting. Choosing Xiaomi makes sense, since it is the leading phone manufacturer in China and this is the market where the ROMs deploy Windows 10 when they are ready, though not excluded that reach more territories. Chinese users are very fond of customizing their smartphones, partly because of censorship in official media as the Google Play Store, hence that have been selected to test this new proposal.

Although they have not gone into too much detail, these ROMs completely change the system, installing Microsoft services and offering the same experience of using mobile departing standard with Windows 10 or at least that is the idea. What they have not named is the possibility of having dual boot devices, ie, that allow us to open Windows or Android as appropriate at all times. Microsoft has already offered this option for some users in India, but it appears that in this case will be a ROM to delete the entire contents of the computer and install Windows 10.

Currently there are no release date, nor do we know the possible countries where this initiative will be displayed. As we have said, China is a key market due to strong interest from users in customizing their devices. Windows 10 features some interesting both phones as computers and tablets news. The most important is that devices can now synchronize to each other, providing a unified experience use and more intuitive. We will have to wait a little longer, until the summer, for all the details of Windows 10.

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