Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft makes a nerd’s dream come true: the new HoloLens glasses was unveiled alonside the presentation of the new operating system Windows 10 came as almost a side issue.

Just when google has stopped selling its Google Glass, Microsoft dashes ago with a radical counter-proposal: The computer glasses HoloLens to bring virtual objects into the real world. At a press conference the company reported on Wednesday night for the first time the device whose development was kept secret for years.

“We have developed the most advanced holographic computer that the world has ever seen,” enthused Microsoft manager Alex Kipman when he presented the futuristic glasses. The development was directly taken place in spaces below Microsoft’s visitor center in Redmond, so to speak, “visible to everyone”, and had been for that reason not noticed.


The HoloLens is equipped with a high-end processor and graphics chip, Kipman further explained and demonstrated how the glasses to work. Depending on the application, can be objects, user interfaces or virtual screens over the semitransparent glasses show to the attention of the user. So you could, for example on a wall unit see a boot menu, where you start apps like Outlook. Or you could use the glasses coupled with a design app and work in a real environment to a virtual object.

Yet that is certainly just a promise. A price or even a release date for the unit called Kipman. His performance was the culmination of a two-hour event, which is otherwise went primarily to Windows 10 and therefore the progress Microsoft has made in its development since the end of September 2014 operating system was first shown.

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