Windows 10

Windows 10

Microsoft started offering free migration to Windows 10. The Redmond company offers in waves its users to migrate free from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Maybe you’re already in the latest version of the OS, but if you expect with impatience and Windows Update on deaf ears here that should interest you.

Microsoft has put an online tool that allows users if they want to manually download the required ISO file and install. The update is free for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Many users seem the update had not yet despite that they have them ‘reserved’, but via the tool on the Microsoft site, users can start the setup and download the iso in the background and then install anytime. It is an iso file with a size of 3GB. From the tool, users have the option to update your PC directly or a USB stick to prepare it for use in another PC.

Microsoft Windows 10 released Wednesday. The new version of the desktop operating system is the first version that Microsoft offers free of charge to users of previous versions. In the new version, Microsoft will include the Start menu again, but in addition the company has Redmondse his older browser Internet Explorer replaced by Edge and Cortana’s voice assistant in the operating system. In addition, updates to home users no longer optional Windows install them automatically after a certain period, allowing all users security updates should ingest.

How to Force Windows 10 Upgrade

If you have successfully made your booking via the integrated task bar tool, your system should already be pre-loaded files to install Windows 10. Grouped in a hidden folder that weighs about 3 GB and is on the C: drive in a Windows folder named $. ~ BT, however, these files do not allow to impose on your system to update itself. If Windows Update, which is used to upgrade to Windows 10, do not even offer to install the update (for memory installation keeps files and applications installed), however it is possible to force.



For that, and after having backed up your files in advance by simple prudence, open the prompt in administrator mode commands and type: wuauclt.exe / UpdateNow.

For some users, the update may fail (to see in the history of updates). If necessary, restart prompt in administrator mode command and then type net stop wuauserv. Once stopped the service, open the Windows folder and rename the folder “SoftwareDistribution” to “SoftwareDistribution.old”. Return to the command prompt and enter net start wuauserv. Windows Update should then restart the download to install Windows 10.


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