Microsoft reduces OneDrive available space



Microsoft has announced plans to make changes to the plans for OneDrive cloud storage . Come limitations for both users free, both for users with Office 365 subscription. Microsoft has announced plans to reduce the space available on OneDrive and want to remove the space “unlimited” for users with Office 365 subscription to maintain a service connected, productive, collaborative and quality.

Since it was made possible the unlimited storage for Office 365 users, many users have begun to go beyond the space that is envisioned to be useful to a service productivity. In fact, some users have started to use OneDrive as a service storage media and solid backup for many computers. Microsoft says that, in some cases, users have backed up several PCs and several media have exceeded 75TB. The company prefers to provide a service focused on productivity and not on storage extreme.

Office 365 users will no longer have access to unlimited storage but will be limited to 1TB of space. It will also be eliminated the possibility of signing plans of 100 and 200 GB for new users, which can however subscribe to a plan to 50GB. Still, users OneDrive “free” will have only 5GB and 15GB more, without even storage bonus for the camera roll. All these changes are expected to arrive in early 2016. There should be no change however for users who have already signed individual plans 100GB or 200GB.

Microsoft will notify users of changes and will try to make the transition easier. The complete document of Microsoft can be found here.

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