Microsoft reduces prices for OneDrive cloud storage and provides 15 GB free 



After the announcement of Apple’s new cloud service iCloud Drive, prices which look much more attractive than its competitors, Microsoft decided to change the cost of its OneDrive service. Now users will able to 15 GB storage free instead of 7 GB. Similar amount of free storage that Google Drive offers .

In addition to the 15 GB, Microsoft is able to give the 3GB startup bonus to have the camera roll activated with smartphones and 5 GB for invited friends (500 MB for each other). Paid amount of  OneDrive cloud storage now costs $1.99 per month for 100 GB.

Office suite Office users will receive 365 1 TB instead of the current 20 GB. Personal package will cost $6.99 per month, a package for University four year subscrition, the price dropped to $79.99.

Apple, as you know, offers for  each account 5 GB of free cloud space. Competing services like Dropbox and Google Drive offer 2 GB and 15 GB respectively. Previously an annual subscription for iPhone, iPad and Mac users could get $20 for 10 GB, and an additional space $40 for 20 GBand  $100 – 50 GB. Now, under the new pricing policy,  iCloud storage space up to 20 GB will cost just $0.99 a month, and up to 200 GB – $3.99  a month and 50GB plan has been eliminated. In the future, Microsoft will also be offered a package of 1 TB, but its cost is still unknown.

Note that iCloud Drive is not just a storage, this service has deep integration with iOS devices and Mac, and also provides a suite for Numbers, Pages and Keynote web applications  on the website . In addition, the storage is integrated with Mail application and helps to send large attachments.

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