Nokia-stop-2The first smartphone with Android-enabled applications, Nokia X manufacturer announced in February 2014 has been killed by Microsoft just five months after its release. Seems like it was an experiment experiment on Nokia smartphones running on Android for five months.

“In the near future we plan to increase the number of devices on the Windows Phone, developing into a more affordable smartphone segment with the brand Lumia. In addition to the planned products, we intend to provide additional affordable Lumia smartphones by transferring some future devices Nokia X on Windows Phone “, – writes Elop.

When Microsoft bought in April, Nokia’s mobile division for $7.2 billion, it promised to support the X-smartphones, which ran on a modified version of Android, considered by the company as a “Trojan horse” that was supposed to help it increase its market share to draw attention to Windows Phone.

However, as it turned out, Nokia Android-smartphone did not match Microsoft vision, as mentioned by Nadella in the statement; the company will continue to sell and support what have already been released in the lineup of Nokia X; Nokia X, Nokia X +, Nokia XL and Nokia X2 smartphones, but the new model will work on Windows Phone.

Such a move would be logical for some Microsoft, which is interested in promoting its own platform. On the other hand, the company closes its way into the growing market of Android-smartphone.

Microsoft announced on the eve of reducing 18,000 jobs, of which about 12,500 will be reduced as a result of strategic mergers Microsoft own business for the production of devices and services business with the production of Nokia mobile devices.

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