Microsoft released an update for Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia smartphones


LumiaCyan-3Microsoft released an update Windows Phone 8.1, which is seen on the Windows Phone support page. Starting today,  Lumia smartphone users based on Windows Phone 8 will receive a Cyan software update, including the current version of the OS.

Among the main features in  Windows Phone 8.1, there is the virtual keyboard Word Flow, the Internet Explorer 11, Notification Center, support wallpaper on your home screen. “Star” is the same update analog as Siri – voice mobile assistant Cortana, rumors about the development of which is not the first went on the market. Cortana helps the user to work with applications and Internet search. Queries can be set both voice and keyboard, the program recognizes natural language queries also.


Another new Windows Phone 8.1 feature is Word Flow. This is analogous to “smart” keyboards available on the Android phones. Microsoft says that the set of words and sentences, which is maintained through a series of   finger movement in contact with  keyboard is significantly accelerated.


Other borrowing Redmond – Notification Center. In Windows Phone 8.1 a special section for controlling the device, which can be accessed by holding the screen upwards. You will see the device settings, including connecting to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth, airplane mode, screen rotation lock. Furthermore, the control center allows the user to view all of the applications installed in the device.

On the start screen, Windows Phone 8.1 the opportunity to place a wallpaper; an image that is common to all the background “live tiles.” In addition, all devices in the platform supports the third column with tiles that allows you to place more apps on the home screen, though this feature was previously available only on devices with a screen diagonal of 5 inches or more.


Lifecycle support Windows Phone 8.1 launched on June 25 and runs until July 11, 2017. During this period, Microsoft will deliver patches and updates, including updates to address security. However, updates to WP 8.1 will be incremental, ie more new patches will be based on the presence of previously issued. Release all updates for the OS ultimately depends on carriers or your mobile phone.

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