Project Spartan, the new browser that the Redmond company introduces with this operating system and that we find in both the computer as on tablets and smartphones.

Early on several occasions, Microsoft broke the delay, including the new browser for Windows 10 in the recent build 10045, distributed in recent hours to members of the Windows program Insider. Redmond took the opportunity to return to take stock of functions, and new Project Spartan.

The company primarily clarifies the approach chosen to give substance to the Internet Explorer browser that will replace the entire family of WIndows devices (including smartphones). The first aspect highlighted by the company is willing to move the focus on the web page, rather than the browser. Spartan comes with a clean interface and essential that leaves space to content. There follows a list of the novelties included in the first build of Spartan for Desktop systems:


These are the main features available in the first release of the browser – not yet integrated into their final form – with the specification that a greater number of functions is developing.

Clear willingness to rejuvenate the project Internet Explorer with a more modern browser, which will be updated regularly listening to the feedback coming by users. Microsoft in fact continues to pursue a constructive dialogue with users and has set up a special forum, which will be used to send tips and suggestions on Project Spartan.

Project Spartan will be updated regularly, unlike what happened so far with Internet Explorer, a browser tied hand in glove with the heart of the previous Windows and for this renewed only in the output of the new version of the system.

The new browser, however, will not be the only navigation software Microsoft signed available to users: there will be Internet Explorer 11, is designed primarily for the enterprise world, but it is still unclear whether it will be integrated into Windows 10 (maybe “hidden” the intricacies of the system) or distributed separately.

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