Microsoft has launched a toolkit, which iOS appliaties builders make appropriate for Home windows Azure. Home windows Azure is the cloud provider 'Microsoft. That you may iPhone and iPad apps to it which you utilize Function-C and XCode. These apps can then work with Home windows Azure. There’s additionally a toolkit for Home windows telephone on hand subsequent month and follows any other one for Android.


 So Microsoft will try to get into to catch the popular mobile platforms. It is not the only thing Microsoft is delivered, because last week they announced a new SDK Bing Maps from which the IOS developers easier Bing-card features in iPhone apps can integrate.

Currently, developers often intervene to Google Maps. The Azure Toolkit can be downloaded from Technet and Microsoft announced on The Official Blog.

Companies like Groupon are already using, but also as independent, small developers can download it for free.Microsoft promises that you can download the toolkit and are ready to start building iPhone apps on the Windows Azure platform without extensive knowledge of the Microsoft tools like Visual Studio. IPhone compiled code libraries have direct interaction with Windows Azure. There is also a sample application included, plus documentation.


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