Microsoft continues its multidevice approach around Windows 10, now launching the version designed for embedded systems, the Internet of Things and mini-PCs as Raspberry Pi 2 Core Windows 10 IoT.

Raspberry Pi is a minicomputer ARM architecture has become very popular thanks to its modular structure, scalability and active community. Its price of $35 has been the icing so that it would become a popular device. Closely tied to Linux, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing the official support of Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi two.

Windows 10 IoT Core lacks the shell prompt, but incorporates the core, so developers can create universal Windows applications that suit the user interface of the device.

Every day we are surrounded by computers attempting to facilitate and / or automate more and more tasks, and there are many who suggest that the Internet of Things is the future, so this version of Windows 10 makes perfect sense, and quite possibly Microsoft does not want to repeat the mistake of late to join a trend, which has already taken its toll on smartphones.

Developing for Windows 10 Core IoT requires Windows desktop system 10 and a series of tools that can be downloaded from the Microsoft page on GitHub.

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