Microsoft revealed a new Skype feature for real time speech translation



Microsoft introduced a new technology that allows real-time speech translation into other languages while maintaining the speaker’s voice . With its help, the company plans to make their Internet phone service , chat and video calls Skype useful for people who do not know each other’s languages ​​.

During a video call demonstration speech of destinations Skype and Lync in Microsoft Gurdip Singh Pal which was translated into German. Simultaneously displayed on the screen text translation. Reverse transfer also takes place without problems. Skype is conducting a widespread of beta testing since it plans to launch later this year .

The function was jointly developed by Skype engineers, Bing and Laboratories Microsoft Research. Laboratory specialists have long been working on the analysis of language technologies and machine learning . Speech Recognition in Skype translator performs the same technology that provides voice input in Windows 8.1 and is running on ” voice assistant » Windows Phone, Cortana.

It is noted that the new design does not require a final adjustment to the period of a particular user’s speech . Speech Recognition of this type is more useful than ” Train ” , as it can be used to work with the voices missing from the database.

Technology in the near future will begin to be used in the popular video  Skype service. In the future, this development will be used in a variety of other Microsoft products and will be available for users of alternative mobile platform via App Store and Google Play.

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