satisfAccording to a study conducted by research agency Forrester Research, Apple’s got the fifth place in the ranking of customer satisfaction . iPhone maker gave way to Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon and Sony.

Apple has always boasted a vast army of extremely loyal fans . However , according to research by Forrester, the first time in three years behind the iPhone maker rated satisfaction directly from four of its competitors.

In the study, users were asked how they work nicely with some company , as well as their products and services , whether they are satisfied efficiently meet their needs. A year earlier, in a similar rating Apple unconditionally lead.

At this time in the first place thus leaving the rest of the companies was Amazon. Sony, Samsung, Microsoft and Apple are in a tight group , but there is a rating rating – the latter only fifth place.

It is worth noting that Forrester Research regularly publishes negative for Apple forecasts. In early January, analytics firm reported that Microsoft has bypassed rating company from Cupertino , becoming the most attractive brand in the U.S.. And in 2012, the agency’s experts said that after the death of Steve Jobs in 2-4 years manufacturer of iPhone and iPad waiting for the decline , such as that experienced after the departure of their charismatic leaders Sony, Polaroid and Disney.

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