Rumors pointed to later this month sent out event  invitation for Windows 9 operating system press . On September 30, in San Francisco, Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson – heads of Microsoft operating systems – will speak on the future of Windows and Windows 9x predictably present.

The event will focus on the company and the most intensive users of Windows, as commenting takes months. In addition, the latest leaks suggest that very reason, a focus on desktop rather than on Modern UI.

Microsoft already filing date for the trial version of its next operating system Windows 9 will be on September 30 at an event organized by the Redmond company in San Francisco.

Numerous media and information portals have received a notice from Microsoft in which they are invited to “join hear what’s next for Windows and the company,” according to The Verge has shared.

During the event, Microsoft is expected to distribute the previous version of the operating system to developers and customers, in order to prove that these new Windows 9 and report their impressions of the changes from previous versions included.

If Microsoft follows the same strategy of Windows 8, the previous version is probably much prior to obtain feedback quickly while features are added. Still have to wait for confirmation, but it seems that the next version of Windows is right around the corner.

Windows 9 includes several new features compared to other versions of popular Microsoft operating system. The boot menu divided into two columns and the new window management system are two of the most talked about features. The operating system would also include features belonging to the current Windows Phone, such as storage and Wi-Fi Sense Sense and Cortana voice assistant.

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