Microsoft showed the new interface of Skype for iPhone



Microsoft has revealed a skype new user interface for the Apple mobile platform. According to the company , the design is specifically made for smartphones iPhone.

Updated Skype easier and faster , and to make calls and send messages to the application is much easier, said Microsoft. The new client user interface incorporates the best of the windows phone operating system and iOS. Skype 5.0 release in the App Store will be available in the coming days .

Skype app allows to share instant messaging with family and friends, call by voice and video chat done via using the app. The service works on mobile devices , computers , and even TVs. By installing the application on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can make free calls to other users using skype at any time.

In late May, Microsoft introduced a technology for its internet telephony service , instant messaging and video calling , which allows real-time speech recognition , translate the speech into another language and play it in the new language features while maintaining the speaker’s voice . With its help, the company plans to make Skype useful for people who do not know each other’s languages ​​.

In the future, this development will be used in a variety of other Microsoft products and will be available for users of alternative mobile platform via the App Store and Google Play.

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