Microsoft Presentations 10.6-inch Floor capsules with ARM and Intel CPUs


Microsoft has announced the Surface line, a new 8-series Windows tablets. The tablets have 10.6 “displays are available with an ARM or Intel processor and Ivy Bridge can also use a Touch Cover-operated keyboard. The demonstrated Surface tablets by Microsoft during the presentation PCs were consistently mentioned, have both Clear Type touchscreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 720 or 1080. The Surface tablets are packaged in a Vapor-Depositedmagnesium housing, Microsoft VaporMG called, and have rounded corners.


At the rear of the Surface is a fold-out standard integrated, so that the tablet can be easily put upright. Also, the built-in HD camera so easier to exploit.

The tablets will be available in two versions: the Surface RT, which will run on Windows and RT has a 1.4 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3-processor, and the Surface Pro for Windows 8.The latter model is especially designed for the business market and runs Windows 8 Pro, including Office 15, on an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU.




The ARM version weighs 676 grams, is 9.3 mm thin and features a 720p resolution.This version has a micro sd card reader, a USB 2.0 input and a micro HDMI connector.For the 32 or 64GB flash memory storage is available. Users of the ARM implementation in Windows RT remain within the Metro area. The battery capacity would be 31.5 Wh.

The Surface 8 Pro for Windows version weighs 903 grams and is equipped with an Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge processor and a 1080p touchscreen. The device, which is 13.55 mm thick, will have 64 or 128GB flash memory, a USB 3.0 connection, a micro SDXC card reader and a mini-display port output. Additionally, the Intel implementation of the Surface digital ink technology, which the stylus via a magnet on the case “sticks”.Microsoft provides a battery capacity of 42Wh.




To create a connection to the Internet in two different models mimo antennas integrated.Details about the wifi connection technology are not released, while also not yet known whether the surface without extra dongles 3G and 4G networks will support.

Microsoft also announced the Touch Surface Covers on a 3mm thin keyboard via a magnet on the tablet can be linked. Using the Touch Covers, text can be entered. The Touch Covers are available in five colors, while for fans of physical feedback to the text input type Cover available. It has a tactile keyboard and also offers a touchpad, but is 5mm thicker. Both keypads switch itself off again when it collapsed, thanks to the presence of an accelerometer.



It is not know when the Microsot Surface tablets will be released on the market and no further information about the prices has been givven but we know that it will be shipped in October


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