microsoft, smartwatch

microsoft, smartwatch

Lately hype surrounding smart watches and sports wristbands are getting a lot of attention could not remain from Apple, Google and Microsoft. Currently in the market, there are already many of such devices that  these companies will have to work hard to offer something original and better.

Microsoft will be present in October a smartwatch that will have 11 sensors and developed by experts responsible for the emergence of Xbox Kinect. Details were not disclosed, but it is known that the smart watch will monitor physical activity, calories burned, heart rate, and can connect to a variety of sports simulators or bicycles. According to rumors, the gadget will also get wireless charging and a built-in LTE.

According Winsupersite, Microsoft intends to present its own smartwatch  featuring fitness tracker and support the  of notification transmissions from smartphones. And the smartband from the software giant will not be tied to a single operating system and will work with devices on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android-devices.

In the past, Microsoft has experimented with a smart watch. In 2002, it presented the Comdex technology SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) for appliances and personal electronics. A year later, at CES 2003, Smart Watch – the first project under the SPOT was announced. Since 2004,  Microsoft released Fossil, Suunto, Tissot and Swatch based on the program filling.

With their help, you can read headlines and SMS, recognizing weather and sports scores, watch stock prices, horoscopes and more. Access to the service will be opened by subscription of $59 per year. In subsequent years, SPOT technology was planned to extend to alarm clocks, coffeemakers, GPS-navigators, and other equipment. The project, however, did not have much success, and in late 2011 was closed.

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