As announced during the last presentation related to Windows 10, Microsoft has been working on a new browser for computers that finally he stands up to Chrome and Firefox to bring back those users who for all who use Internet Explorer is to download the Google or Mozilla browsers.

Spartan, the name of this new, clean and renovated browser, had already appeared in early January before his presentation with an empty tab where all you could see was a clean, devoid of unnecessary buttons and only some thin lines separating window tabs or space to write the website that you want to enter.

After his official presentation the name and appearance of substitute Internet Explorer is confirmed, however, fully functioning remained as secret as the information provided was minimal and all I knew was that Spartan “meet users’ to enhance the browsing experience.

This experience has been filtered through a video that seen in action at Cortana, the new voice assistant Windows 10 as well as tools that allow the integration of services such as search, maps, recommendations or image galleries, all related web site that you are currently navigating.

The video shown was projected to employees of Microsoft in January and is now just over a month later, that seeps in through the WinBeta Internet portal.

Honestly, as shown in the video itself suggest a new browsing experience with the integration of services in one window without having to open new tabs, something that maybe just maybe, could convince the Internet to give an opportunity to Spartan in the new Windows 10.

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