samsung microsoft

samsung microsoft

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for infringement of the patent agreement on the use of US-based technology applied in the Android operating system from Google, writes The Financial Times.

The Telegraph also reported that Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Samsung in Manhattan federal court, demanding monetary compensation

While Samsung representatives have not commented on the situation, deputy general counsel of the American software giant wrote in a blog that despite the fact that Microsoft “appreciates and respects mutual partnership”, in this case Samsung misinterpreted the license agreement: “Unfortunately, even partners sometimes disagree with each other. ”

Currently, many leading manufacturers (including HTC and LG) pay Microsoft royalties for sale of Android-smartphones and tablets. Samsung also recently carried out to such payments, but then stopped doing it.

Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile devices running the operating system Android. By agreement of 2011, the company listed the Microsoft certain amount, the amount of which was not disclosed, for each sold phone or tablet based on Android. According to analysts, in the past year, Microsoft, which has a similar patent agreements with other leading manufacturers, has received nearly $2 billion for the use of its technologies in Google  mobile operating system from.

Legal Counsel David Howard Microsoft said that in the past year, Samsung has ceased to fulfill the conditions of the patent agreement: the company is not listed in time royalty, and then refused to pay interest on late payments. As stated in the lawsuit, Samsung has decided not to comply with an agreement on patents, claiming that Microsoft violated her first, acquired in April of this year the Finnish company Nokia business to produce mobile devices. In its lawsuit, Microsoft asks the court to order Samsung to honor the agreement on patents.

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