Microsoft Surface Go New Ad Disrespects the iPad


Christmas is in a few weeks and the battles for being the best-selling device are emerging on YouTube. Microsoft’s latest ad of Surface Go claims it’s a real computer, not an iPad. 

The Surface Go is the Microsoft device that, in their words, combines the performance of a laptop and the portability of a tablet. My best definition is that it is a basic model of a Surface Pro.

Starting at $399 with 64 Gb of SSD and 4 Gb of RAM, Windows 10 Home and a keyboard that sells separately for $129, ​​is undoubtedly a Windows PC to consider. Possibly, for what they advertise on YouTube, a Windows computer for children. The ad goes as follows

Grandma don’t run out and buy an iPad,
It was fine when I was six but now I’m ten.
My dreams are big so I need a real computer,
To do all the amazing things I know I can.

And do not be misguided in comparing it with the iPad, as both have a screen of about 10-inch, same resolutions, compatible with keyboards and pencils, similar weight and a long list of other similarities.

On whether the iPad is a real computer or not, that will have to be decided by each user. But certainly, both models are a competition.

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