Microsoft has surprised everyone by revealing the new Surface Neo, the much talked about dual company device that will hit the market not until the end of 2020.


The innovative device of Microsoft is very thin and foldable, different from what seen with Galaxy Fold, due to its two screens separated by about 9-inch each. The display uses a Gorilla Glass and is described as the “thinnest LCD ever created” display and as matching accessories, there are both the new thin Surface Pen and a keyboard, which you can magnetically attach to the back of the device. The flat pen looks a bit like the Surface Pro X also announced. 

The Surface Neo runs on a new edition of Windows called Windows 10X that is specifically intended for devices with this form factor. For example, the software supports new gestures to divide apps between the two screens, and the keyboard is automatically recognized when you place it on the screen. Opened apps are moved to the other screen and above the keyboard appears the “touch bar”, a section with emoticons, a virtual trackpad, and space to write.

 The hinge between the two displays is very robust and can rotate 360 ​​degrees, so you can use the device in different configurations. Each side of the device has a thickness of 5.6 mm and weighs 655 grams with an Intel Lakefield processor. Besides that, all we know from the rumors so far is that it will use some sort of “container” technology to run Windows apps. 

Presumably, this refers to the traditional win32 apps, which are still vital to the Microsoft ecosystem even though the company has spent many years trying to move developers to its new app platform.

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