Microsoft Surface Windows RT to receive support and updates until 2017


microsoft-surface-with-windows-rtAlthough Microsoft has turned sharply about a month ago, the drum, the sales of the first Windows tablets have failed. The Redmond company had to contend with delays in delivery and the availability of the device was also initially limited;  nevertheless, the group behind the product and would not make the same mistake as with Windows Phone 7

Unlike Windows Phone, which has received after just 18 months of no update, Microsoft will beef up the in-home pill except 2017 with mainstream make stronger. As a consequence, the skin with RT for fours years will proceed to obtain new replace and beef up from Microsoft; of which, the competitors can handiest dream about. Most Android gadgets are powered as much as two years with updates and the Apple merchandise to get greater than three years, the most recent instrument model donated. Microsoft can subsequently choose this level from consumers.

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