According to reports, Microsoft directed to the Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission U.S. sales Surface tablets still do not justify the cost of implementation . But it does not stop the corporation from further production of its devices. Microsoft sent out invitations to the press about a conference to be held  in New York on May 20, in which the presentation Surface mini is expected.

The agenda is not fully disclosed, but the content of the invitation can be concluded that it will be on a mini- plates Surface. The software giant is in no hurry to share any official information about a competitor iPad mini, but informed sources say , the gadget will be positioned as a ” device for recording on the go .”

Design of Surface mini does not change relative to the usual Surface. However, it will be adapted to create notes and short notes , including handwritten . It is reported that the tablet will receive advanced stylus. Separately, emphasis will be placed on the application to create notes OneNote, which is customized for the small screen .


Surface mini price is not known, but previous rumors claimed that Microsoft is determined to exceed the threshold of $ 250 (€ 181 ) , that the novelty has become the best selling model of all time Surface . Besides , Surface mini intended to compete with iPad mini, so low cost device should become a priority for Microsoft .

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