Microsoft To Launch A New Low-cost Surface To Take On The $329 iPad


surface tabletApple is planning to launch a fairly cheap iPad and despite its low-cost price does not skimp on technology, this new $329 iPad is even compatible with the Apple Pencil

The reception is so good that even competitors like Microsoft have in mind to release a $400 surface tablet to take on the Apple iPad. And it is that they have just activated the alerts before a possible launch of a Microsoft Surface low-cost.

According to Bloomberg Microsoft will launch in the middle of this year 2018 a Surface with a price similar to the new iPad. A new Surface that would have 10 inches, rounded edges, USB-C ports, and would weigh 20% less than its older brothers the Surface Pro. Of course, this Surface would have less battery life but would continue to mount Intel processors.

Without a doubt this is great news as it is undoubtedly the key that activates the tablet market again for Microsoft.

(source: Bloomberg)

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