Microsoft To Release A Slim Xbox One TO Comptete With The Apple TV 4



Last September, Apple has three devices. From everything presented, both the iPhone and the iPad Pro but added some welcome news following the road map that Apple uses for several years with leading 3D differences 6s and iPhone Touch Screen 12.9 ” iPad Pro. The third device was the most promising, a fourth version of Apple TV that came with its own app store that opens up a whole range of possibilities. According to Business Insider, Microsoft thinks the same as me and is considering the possibility of creating a smaller, more economical to compete with fourth-generation Apple TV Xbox.

The good thing is about facing a long-term future and bad for the near future, Microsoft would have make its set-top box based on Apple’s. Good for the future because Microsoft’s proposal could only run Windows applications store, which undoubtedly provide a very small at first but to attract developers attention to create games for the Microsoft platform catalog, something that would benefit us all.

This new Xbox not intended to replace the consoles, at least in principle, if not a supplement or draw the attention of casual gamers. Clearly, if Microsoft intends to compete with the Apple TV by mastering our living you can not do with a device that doubles the price of set-top box of Cupertino. If at the end Microsoft decides to launch this new reduced its Xbox version, and still have to question it because it was an idea already rejected two years ago, its arrival will probably occur at the end of 2016. Its price is still unknown, but most likely to sell around the same price as the fourth-generation Apple TV price.

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