xbox scarlett

xbox scarlettMicrosoft will release the next version of its Xbox gaming computer in 2020. This is what Brad Sams says of the Thurrott website dedicated to Microsoft, based on a timeline for new Microsoft products.

Microsoft already announced this week at game fair E3 to work on a new Xbox, but details about that are missing.

According to Thurrott, it is a project with the code name Scarlett. The console would be part of a wider family of devices.

Microsoft describes Scarlett as a family of devices, which could mean that the new Xbox experience is going to be a cross-platform experience that consists of different hardware forms. It would be a logical next step for the Xbox family that is slowly expanding with Xbox Game Pass and Windows compatibility.

Although 2020 may sound a bit early in contrast with the release of the Xbox One X last year, this would be a deliberate strategy from Microsoft. They want to shake the industry with their future vision of gaming. Whether that is a new, more powerful Xbox One or a completely new console with backward compatibility will have to be proven.

It is not clear whether this is a new range of devices or a more powerful Xbox One. A year ago, Microsoft announced the latest version of its game console: the Xbox One X.


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