Microsoft to return the Start button in Windows 8.2 and release a cloud version of Windows


Windows-81-surface-2Sources at Microsoft confirmed : autumn is coming back to a full-fledged Windows 8 “Start” button . She disappeared from the operating system , causing a big splash of discontent on the part of users, and never returned to the two breakaway since updates.

According to Wzor, Microsoft has still decided to return to the start menu , which, starting with Windows 8 , replaces the screen “Start” , consisting of labels – tiles. This screen is designed for touch screens , which have not all laptops and desktops . Absence of the usual menu and the need to get used to the new interface caused a lot of negative comments regarding Windows 8.

According to some, the usual “Start” menu back in the next update ” Eight”- Windows 8.2 or Windows 8.1 Update 2 . Button, users will be able to include in the OS configuration by analogy with a choice of the starting screen – “Start” or desktop – which appeared in Windows 8.1. It is assumed that this option will appear on the desktop and notebook PCs .

There are also reports on the development of a fundamentally new platform Microsoft – a cloud operating system Windows Cloud. Informed sources indicate that the OS will be free, with a paid subscription only certain premium features . Core of the new system will allegedly sewn into the local memory of a computer and possibly integrated with the BIOS. All other components of the shell program will be downloaded from the cloud resources.

Windows- 81 -surface- 2

It may be that without a network connection functionality Windows Cloud will be minimal, probably at the level of Windows Starter. Debut Microsoft- cloud OS is also expected to fall, while it is asserted that no final decisions on this issue in Microsoft still pending.

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