After the Google TV, in keeping with Seattle Instances Microsoft would have deliberate a "Microsoft TV" to be launched out there with the aid of the top of 2011.&#one hundred sixty;"Microsoft goes to take a dip available in the market with a scaled-down model of Home windows tailor-made for TV".


It is assumed that the interface will be to Windows Media Center, according to Seattle Times will be integrated media streaming and remote control.

The cost of the new product is expected to be $ 200 more expensive than the new Apple TV may provide some function more than the Apple TV? Microsoft would have the intention of becoming a "virtual cable operator"

As for the Google TV, the problems continue, they were forced to postpone the launch of the integrated versions in the TV perhaps because of its instability.

But the Apple TV continued success is always the best solution for users at an affordable price while not providing a wealth of features, is expected in 2011 support HDTV and 3D technology.

After the launch and success of Kinect, Microsoft will never compete with the Apple TV?



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