Microsoft has its personal experience right through Home windows Cellphone eight introduced a brand new model of its cellular OS, as anticipated, confirmed the target audience a brand new model of its cell running device Home windows Telephone eight, which changed into priemnitsey WP7 and the youthful sister of pc Home windows eight that Microsoft will likely be put in on capsules, laptops and computer systems. That is according to the Home windows eight kernel for computer systems that beef up multi-core and monitors with HD decision deals.

Throughout the Home windows Telephone Summit 2012 Microsoft introduced the root of its new OS, which primarily mentioned the brand new technological alternatives for producers and builders: later, the corporate introduced what new options on hand to customers. Smartly let Microsoft go there extra alternatives for the house display of Home windows Cellphone to regulate. This may increasingly embrace the scale and site of the are living tiles to be adjusted, permitting customers to customize their telephones extra. VoIP can also be built-in into the OS and voice keep an eye on is increased.

Most attention-grabbing a part of the presentation, after all, used to be the announcement of latest options that will have to seem in Home windows Telephone eight. Let’s go over them in brief. First, Home windows Telephone eight bought the strengthen of multicore processors and completely different reveal resolutions as much as 720p? and the kernel as Home windows eight. Secondly, the units on the brand new OS have discovered, eventually, to work with microSD-playing cards, in addition to gadgets on Android – Microsoft is set asking all customers of WP7.


In the software was Windows Phone 8, Internet Explorer 10, which by its speed, according to company representatives, is faster than Safari on iOS and the browser on Android. Also, IE has 10 built-in protection against phishing and learned to warn users about sites with dangerous content.


Also, all future smartphones WP8 have at their disposal to support Nokia Maps off-line maps and turn-by-turn navigation. nod to the application was iOS Wallet, which is an electronic wallet to store the means of payment (the data on bank cards, etc. etc.) or different tickets. After a Wallet in WP8 occur any payments: an application for iAP, through NFC, etc. By the way, NFC and support the emergence of in-app-purchase, ie in-game purchases, are two more new features WP8. Finally, Microsoft has worked to improve the interface and the system, in particular allowing users to change the size of application icons on the main menu and change their places.



But the main thing in all this was the announcement of the company that develop applications for Windows Phone has eight simple as ever: the code you can write to them at the same time as for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, in addition, porting applications from iOS and Android on WP8 has also become easier. All of this should raise the level of programs and games for Windows Phone to a new level. development of games for the platform must also contribute to and cooperate with such giants as Havok Technology, which has already prepared its Havok Technology Suite to developers for Windows Phone 8.

As for applications, originally created under WP 7.5, then, according to Microsoft, they will feel perfectly at any devayse running on Windows Phone 8. very same Windows Phone 8 will not be installed on the device is already on the market – they will receive only possessors Upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8, in particular, brings the possibility to change the size of the icons on the main screen. as New Smartphones on Windows Phone 8 will be released this fall, and their development will meet Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC. That turned a presentation of Microsoft – Windows Phone 8 has been shown specifically as a relative “desktop” Windows 8 – the slogan “better together”, which was seen in one of the slides, completely characterizes the essence of the new operating system: it has become even closer to his “older” sister, both in terms of the kernel (which is now one for two), and in terms of third-party app
lications that are intended for Microsoft, and should go for the two systems together. 


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