Microsoft VP explains why he uses an iPhone



The vice president of Microsoft operating systems, when hanging a tweet on microblogging social network with an iPhone in his last trip to Japan while on vacation. Many feverish minds began to make jokes about following this similar to what happened to Alicia Keys a few years ago when BlackBerry hired to promote the benefits of the first BlackBerry touchscreen incident. Alicia Keys apparently put his hand but did not use the phone because his usual tweeted device, an iPhone.

Joe-Belfiore-iPhoneThat’s the problem when it comes to using the figure of the influencer, if you really are not familiar with the product is promoted. But aside from this blunder, Joe Belfiore, Microsoft vice president who is in charge of the mobile section of the company and the subject of the controversy has stepped forward to clarify the use of an iPhone instead of a device company:


If we go around on his Twitter account (@joebelfiore), we can see that some of the tweets was written from devices with Windows Phone, others from the web version of Twitter, others from an Android device and as has already been demonstrated from an iPhone.

Joe is neither the only nor will be the last character in a senior position in a company engaged in the manufacture of mobile device that tries to learn from other operating systems using more often than usual competing devices. And if not, to see how those functions that Apple has added to iOS in their latest versions have got there.

(source: The Verge)

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