Microsoft Wants an iOS Function Patent – Lock Mode Camera Access Without Unlocking


Microsoft has applied for a patent on a feature that we as iPhone users are all too familiar: taking a photo without the smartphone unlocked. The function was introduced in IOS 5, but actually it was already old idea. Microsoft offered the opportunity since 2010 to Windows Phone. The good thing is that the function of a two-step screen shot. Normally you must first slide movement, possibly the PIN and then go to the camera app.

By taking pictures and HOME nutton action set, you quickly access the camera function, but they are still more acts than taking a photo without unlocking.

Microsoft's patent application describes a way you can take a photo in a locked smartphone or tablet. The method, however, Microsoft is working with a dedicated hardware camera button, while Apple a small camera button on the touchscreen display. After taking the picture the smartphone locked again. This has the advantage that others can make a picture of you without access to the rest of the device. The fast photo capture was still in the news recently because it was possible to previously take pictures.

By capturing invention in a patent, Microsoft may eventually force Apple to license. The patent must first be approved. Earlier today it was announced that Microsoft license money for about 70% of the Android phones sold in the U.S.. At least $ 5 per unit is transferred to Redmond, but estimates run to as much as $ 15 per unit. After Samsung, HTC and LG Acer also pays licensing fees to Microsoft. Microsoft also earn money from Chrome OS products. LG joined before there were already 10 licensing agreements with device manufacturers, as did Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president of the Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft known. Microsoft earned last year, so five times to Android devices than that of revenue to come in Windows Phone.

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