Microsoft will Give Out Free Windows 10 For Windows 8.1, 7 And Windows Phone 8.1 Users



In 2013, Apple set a good example by starting to distribute new versions of OS X for free. So, it was with OS X Mavericks, then OS X Yosemite, but in the near future, the same thing will happen with Windows. Although Microsoft would not by itself, if it turned out as easily as in the case of competing with the computer platform.

Yesterday in the Redmond Corporation was held a special event about the Windows 10, told a little interesting for the users of the platform (eg, technology HoloLens, however, it is just a concept), but the most resonant was news about free new OS.

But the big difference between Microsoft to Apple that first makes a software products and Windows in particular – is its main income, while the second makes a device, and the software is only part of the final product. Thus, the Redmond company can not afford attraction of unprecedented generosity and just give Windows 10 for everyone.


In particular, users of official versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 during the year will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, and then have to pay. Moreover, it is only a single device. That is, if you make a big upgrade PCs, replacing, for example, a motherboard with processor, you have a Microsoft operating system to buy again. In turn, OS X last two versions for free without any conditions.

Among other innovations Windows 10 it is worth noting the presence of built-in voice assistant Cortana (analogue in the face of Apple Siri is currently available only in iOS), as well as a new web browser Spartan, which will be delivered together with the classic Internet Explorer.

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