Microsoft revealed features of the first major upgrade to its latest operating system – Windows 8.1. In Windows 8.1 will be the long-awaited button “Start”, but its function is different from earlier versions of the OS. According to the company, Windows 8.1 – a “Windows 8 is the same, only better.”

As the Cnews, Windows 8.1 will bring improvements in key areas, including personalization, search, built-in applications, shop Windows Store and support the cloud. In addition, the update includes improvements to corporate clients in the areas of management and security.

Microsoft has decided to bring back the “Start” on its usual place – in the lower left corner of the desktop. At the same time it will also be displayed in the Windows 8 by the mouse / finger in the same corner.


Earlier it was reported that the “Start” will be optional and the user can disable it, but it’s not. The button is a permanent feature of the interface and is responsible for calling the home screen of your desktop and return back, so, Microsoft suffered a button from the pop side of the Charms Bar in the lower left corner.



In Windows 8.1 will have more opportunities to configure the device for themselves. Start screen will be offered more background colors and wallpaper, including animated wallpapers. The size of the tiles can be edited, will be able to commit actions on selected groups of tiles at a time.

Access to all applications will be available by swiping your finger from the bottom up. When you install new applications shortcuts to them will only appear in this menu and the on-screen “Start” the user will add them as needed. Labels on the screen all the applications can be sorted by name, date of installation, start-up or frequency category.


In Windows 8.1 Desktop Search will provide the results of a group of sources, including the Internet search engine Bing, local applications, files, and cloud SkyDrive. Over different content can perform various actions, such as the video output it can be right there to see.

Applications and store


The new version of the OS all the built-in applications will be updated. For example in the “Photos” will include new features to edit images. They will also be available at the opening image in the “Mail», SkyDrive and the “camera”. Application “Music” will be completely redesigned.

In Windows 8.1 will be easier to work with multiple applications running simultaneously. In addition to the column running applications, users can freely change the size of the application window, divide the screen into two or three applications. Also there will be the possibility of dividing the screen on the windows of the same application – for example, open two tabs Internet Explorer.

The new browser

With the release of Windows 8.1, by tradition, will be released and a new browser – Internet Explorer 11. It Microsoft promises to improve the touch control and increase the speed of loading pages and overall performance.

Support for cloud


Windows 8.1 will be capable to shop records data straight away to the cloud provider SkyDrive, so the person will all the time be capable of get admission to their records data, anywhere he is also, from any instrument. SkyDrive app additionally offers get right of entry to to the information offline.

When going surfing to Home windows eight.1-tool thru your account (default instrument will likely be robotically personalised in step with your settings and purposes. This helps transition to a brand new tool.

Microsoft will describe in additional element on the primary replace for “eight” on June 26, when the sunshine will come pre-unlock model of the OS. In Microsoft didn’t say when the ultimate unlock will replace, however in all probability it is going to occur within the autumn after months of public checking out.

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