Microsoft has offered on the convention D9 working machine "Home windows eight"and its new consumer interface" Immersive ", Microsoft is desperately attempting for a couple of months to mark a transformation of its place on the Pill PC phase, dealing with criticism from customers about its Home windows 7 at present on hand. 


As shown by Steven Sinofsky and Walt Mossberg are:

  • The new user interface offers a whole new experience to users through the tiles and other Metro innovative UI
  •  Windows 8 architectures running on System-On-Chip(SoC) and traditional ARM rate so far
  •  The new UI Touch and traditional overdrive may be exchanged with the push of a button , regardless of the form factor of the device. 
  • There will be a Windows app store
  •  The taskbar is now displayed on the left side
  •  You can access the system files and folders through traditional or new applications Windows 8
  •  The experience of navigation in Internet Explorer 10 has been optimized for the feel and includes hardware acceleration.
  • Windows applications are written using HTML5 8 and JavaScript with full access to computer hardware. They are also connected to the web
  •  The native Windows applications 8 work on laptops, desktops and tablets.
  •  Microsoft has created a new platform based on the HTML5 web standards and technologies to build native Windows applications 8 through the new APIs and the corresponding SDK
  •  No details on the compatibility of WPF and Silverlight applications in the new Touch UI
  •  Existing applications "legacy" can not be implemented in the new Touch UI.For example, pressing on the tile of Word / Excel / PowerPoint show us the traditional user interface.
  •  Not able to run applications developed for the ARM architecture on X86, it is necessary to rebuild and re-distribute a version of architecture.

In the video we can observe the following:

  •  To exit the screen lock is necessary to slide your finger from bottom to top on the bottom of the desktop.
  •  The traditional Start menu has been replaced by a Home screen that includes the famous tiles already present in Windows Phone 7.
  •  The opening screen is numbered side and is based on tiles
  • The tiles show live information with reports of real-time updates
  • By clicking on the tiles of the home screen displays its information 
  •  The lock screen displays information customized by the user , including wallpaper, username, location, date and time of the system.



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