The ultimate model of Windows 8, designed for PCs and tablets will be available to users on October 26. Microsoft announced the news at a conference of Microsoft executives, vendors and product managers. Whether therefore the Surface tablets are available, is still unclear.


Windows 8 was first announced in June 2011. Currently, users have the opportunity to get acquitanted with the three test builds. Guest turned out quite good. The new platform will have several editions in wich for devices based on processor architecture x86 – Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Tablet PCs based on ARM – Windows RT.


The new Microsoft operating system introduced a fundamentally new interface Metro, a class of applications that are optimized for finger control as well as a single application Windows Store. Among other differences, "eight" Microsoft officials say focus on cloud storage.

Earlier it was reported that manufacturers will receive Windows 8 to be installed on laptops and tablets in August (the so-called RTM-assembly). This means that long before the release, there can be followed by leakage of the final OS version.

The Windows president Steven Sinofsky announced the exact re
lease date for the platform at a Microsoft's sales meeting.

"Simply put, the company is the biggest event for at least the last 17 years", – said Sinofsky. 17 years ago saw the light of the operating system is Windows 95.

On October 26, the Microsft operating system will begin selling Windows 8, existing users on the same date will be available to upgrade to a new operating system with the three previous versions of Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7) for a value of $40.[via Windows Blog]


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