Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 brings Cortana smart voice assistant Siri and Google Now


ortanaDuring the Build developer conference , Microsoft unveiled its new mobile platform Windows Phone 8.1. Thanks to mass leaks and rumors almost all functions of the OS were known in advance , the greatest interest was the main  OS innovation –  Cortana voice assistant.

Rumors that Microsoft is working on his own personal assistant went for a long time, but Microsoft itself still says nothing about such work . Name for the function was chosen in honor of Artificial Intelligence in a series Halo.

As stated in Microsoft, Cortana – this is a specific mix of functions previously implemented in Google Now and Apple Siri. There is full support for natural language and , according to developers , in contrast to the “apple” product service adjusts individually to the needs of each user. In addition, Redmond went further than in Cupertino and Cortana opened to third-party programmers. Using a set of API- functions , developers can build their applications in a limited – voice functionality. Today Siri is exclusively a product of Apple, which can not be integrated into third-party solutions ( unless, of course , not entirely agree with Apple, as do automakers ) .

In a series of videos “Cortana against Siri”, Microsoft told about the benefits of their product. Although in reality Cortana makes almost all the same as Siri: can make appointments in the calendar and remind you of upcoming events , search the internet , play music , write SMS dictation , launch applications , find nearby cafes and restaurants with a high rating.

Cortana can interact with third-party applications, including Facebook, Skype, Hulu and others. The user can control , c which data works Cortana – interests, reminders, search for music or locations – and can set the “hours of silence .”

BETA Cortana initially will appear in the U.S. , then Microsoft is going to launch it in the UK and China , and then around the world.

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