Microsoft has launched the E3 game exhibitionSmart Glass for the app include the iPhone and iPadThis app is linked to Xbox 360 and lets see additional information about what is happening on TV. This way the influence game shown can be included or something can be read about a movie . The app is also supported by Android and Windows Phone 7.



The app allows users to see what it calls “companion content,” from TV to games, on the smaller screen. For example, gamers playing Electronic Arts Inc’s “Madden NFL” on an Xbox in the same room could design plays on individual tablets without showing their opponent.

For TV, someone watching “Game of Thrones” on the “HBO GO” streaming service via Xbox could simultaneously browse websites about the show’s cast.

The Smart Glass app will also enable the menus on the Xbox 360 to control using your iPhone.This method also allows you to deploy a new Xbox 360-internet browser on your television set.On your iPhone a keyboard appears with which you put a link or typing a search term.

Microsoft gave two examples for the implementation of Smart Glass in games. So you would in a sports game strategy on the field to plan lines on a card swipe on your iPhone, or iPhone is an additional menu during game Halo 4 that warns you when a friend wants to play a multiplayer session. This allows you to control your Xbox 360 games using your touchscreen.

The idea seems borrowed from the Wii U. This Nintendo console has a controller with built-in tablet, which contains important information of the game is displayed. Sony dropped shortly after Nintendo's announcement even know something similar to offer the Playstation Vita second screen to use. Microsoft also follows this example, but by proper devices like the iPhone and iPad to be deployed. This morning there were even rumors about the Smart Glass.

Microsoft Smart Glass will be available worldwide this fall.



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