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, and that Microsoft has decided to take them out for Christmas: the U.S. operator Verizon expected to sell the new One and Kin Two kin for the holidays.

These phones have been the first act of a renewal of Microsoft on the mobile phone market, but were sacrificed on the altar of the reorganization of Microsoft Entertainment & Devices, amid internal rivalries. Despite launching with much fanfare, sales never took off, the fault dear packages out of sync with the intended target, adolescents and young adults connected.

This is also the package that will be the main difference in the return of Kin: it is no longer presented as a small smartphone, but as a big FeaturePhone. The package does no longer connect to the Internet, but will be part-cons cheaper.

The surprise comes not alone: Marketed in the United States for just one week, smartphones Phone Windows 7 will be sold Monday for only $ 0.01.

Kin one

While Windows 7 Phone appears to be a good start in Europe, its launch in the U.S., a Monday, in addition to beginning a week punctuated by the Veteran's Day (November 11), was disappointed . This promotion flash could be a way to restart the engine, a few days before Black Friday, officially launching the holiday season of late years. Rest between launch and return of Kin Phone stammering Windows 7, Microsoft seems 

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