microsoft browser

microsoft browser

The new browser that earlier rumors that Microsoft includes with Windows 10, codenamed Spartan shall, according to a US tech site support for Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana. Users can also post notes on websites.

The Personal Assistant, which is already available in Windows Phone 8.1, users could, for example from the address bar should have access to information on flights, hotel bookings and sent packets, writes  The Verge. In addition, users can for example see the status of their flight. Also will see Cortana on the page shown when opening a new tab.

Furthermore, the new browser would, of which Microsoft has not confirmed as yet exist, make it possible to make touchscreens notes with a stylus on a website. Which can then be shared with others via OneDrive, including users of other browsers can see the notes. While other users can also post their own notes, though it is unclear whether that applies only to Spartan-users or even for gebruikres of other browsers.

Spartan would also provide a new method to reduce tab chaos by allowing users to group tabs. Doing business tabs for example, could be separated from private tabs, though it is still unclear how that works.Microsoft had originally been planning to build support for themes, but that would have removed at least temporarily.

According to The Verge will be similar in terms of the browser interface of Chrome, which is in line with earlier this week screenshots leaked . Spartan interface would be on tablets, smartphones and PCs should be approximately equal. At the same time it is not a universal app, there is according to the tech site a separate version for desktops and one for tablets and smartphones.

Earlier ZDnet wrote that the next browser Internet Explorer 10 would be present in Windows 10, but according to The Verge is mainly for legacy reasons and Spartan will be in fact the default browser. It is then clear which name Spartan will wear, and whether the browser under the Internet Explorer flag will be grouped. Finally, Microsoft would plan to bundle the browser and Windows Store app, so it can be updated easily.

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