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It is long overdue. When last August, Microsoft announced its Surface Pro 3, the first “tablet” that is also a laptop with all its benefits, was missing a more affordable “companion”, in line with what had been the Surface RT 2 above.

But that device never came. And the RT’s most powerful current version stayed tablets in the pipeline, with an acronym of which you have not been heard from since. Instead, Microsoft has now decided to fill that gap with its new Surface 3.

A device that inherits from his older brother, the Pro 3, many of its features and functionality, but that comes at a much more affordable price. Nor is it a coincidence that Microsoft has decided, when the announcement of a new iPad Mini (4) and sounds close cover himself with this new version of its flagship in the field of mobile computing.

But look. True to the rumors that have been lavishing in recent months, this is a smaller and lighter device with a screen of 10.8 inches (versus 12 Pro 3) and a weight of 622 grams. (Compared to the 800 Pro 3). Also the thickness is somewhat lower, 8.7 millimeters (Pro 3 thickness was 9.1 mm.).

The reason given by the spokesman for the Redmond company is that “it was to be a ‘tablet’ which, like the Pro 3, can completely replace the laptop. And that should carry a full USB port, which marks the thickness of the device. ” For Rivers, the new standard USB-C, built by Apple in its latest MacBook, “is premature and force carrying multiple adapters go.”

The new Surface 3 features a chassis made of a magnesium alloy, a luxury that few can afford because of its high price. In return, is four times lighter than aluminum and more resistant. Before painting also Microsoft applies a ceramic layer resistance increases, which, for example, some manufacturers make cars like Porsche.

As for the processor, Microsoft has opted for this model by an Intel Atom X7, far less powerful Pro 3, but more than enough to move with agility all tablet apps, in fact, is faster than two thirds parts of laptops currently on the market.

Accompanying the processor 2 or 4 GB of RAM, depending on the version you choose. And yes, the team no fan. Its battery allows, according to the manufacturer, play video for ten hours straight. If we use the charger provided we can enjoy fast charging system that allows a full charge in just 2.8 hours.

There will be WiFi and LTE versions, with 2 or 4 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GG storage memory. In addition, a special (something cheaper) version with 32 GB of memory and intended to colleges and schools will be built.

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The screen replicates the characteristics of the Surface Pro 3. And except for the size (10.8 inches versus 12), retains a resolution of 1,920 x 1,280 pixels and 3: 2 format, the closest thing to a notebook a important point of differentiation for the Redmond compared to other manufacturers. Of course, the Surface 3 includes a stylus (pen) with 256 levels of pressure and eliminates annoying Parallax effect whereby the lines we draw on the screen seem to be in the exact place that support the pen tip.

In the end, the user experience is exactly the same as we would with a notebook. Even in the corners of the screen, where many pointers tend to failure. The Pen also. is not a simple piece of plastic but has the same look and weight than a ballpoint truth and good. The pointer, finally, includes two exclusive applications, to underscore and another recognizing musical notes and, after drawing them by hand, brought directly to the staff.

The front camera is 8 megapixels with autofocus system and front, 3.5-megapixel camera is very light, allowing clear images in low light and dark environments. Of course, the new model also features “Type Cover”, a cover-keyboard extraordinarily thin and light, characteristic of earlier models of Surface and is already a hallmark of this device.

The new Surface 3 will be on sale from next May 7 and more version with 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB hard drive, will cost $499. LTE versions with more to come soon. The device will be able to be updated, from the beginning, Windows 10, the new operating system Microsoft.

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