Day of developments in the Xbox world: Microsoft just announced an important part of the changes include updating May, and will be available within this week to preview program participants .

The Xbox One has dozens of really useful features, from voice commands of Kinect to the possibility of using the app Smartglass to interact with the console from the mobile. But there are many tricks that just were unaware that allow you to, among other things, synchronize your tablet with Windows 8, Xbox One, use Spotify or play games in HTML 5.

The most important of them seems to be support for Miracast, through which could be transmitted not protected by DRM to the console from devices such as PCs or tablets with Windows 8.1, and phones with Windows Phone 8 or Android content. The content will be received by the Wireless Display application, which should appear on the console interface installed after this update.

Another important improvement is the ability to turn on or off the console from beta SmartGlass apps. Of course, this feature requires that your device is connected to the same network as the console, so that we can not turn on or off from work or while you’re in the car. It should also be noted that there is still feature will be available in the “stable” apps, so to use it we will have to specifically use Xbox One SmartGlass beta.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-22-at-10.23.07-PMAlso, Microsoft has responded to criticism regarding additional power consumption involving the Instant-On function making changes to the initial setup wizard console, which now allows choosing a power saving mode, in which the Instant -On and download updates in the background becomes unavailable, but that means that the console consumes less power when in standby.

Meanwhile, voice messages are still without leaving the preview stage, but still in this update adds support for recording these messages using third-party headphones, and to be sent within a group chat.

Finally, improved support for digital TV are promised, but apply only to the United States and Canada.
All these features should be available in the coming days as an upgrade for members preview of the Xbox One program. Following that, they should be released as stable update for all other console users.

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