Misunderstandings about multitasking: Multitasking taskbar apps close nonsensical?


In case your iPhone is gradual, there is a simple answer: simply the use of the multitasking taskbar shut a couple of apps. It’s the quickest and very best strategy to energy-hungry apps like TomTom and Navigon to silence, should you not are navigating. Nevertheless it additionally helps? Apple professional Fraser Speirs says that it is a myth.


The multitasking in his task bar contains no list of apps that are running in the background, but only a list of apps that you last used. You can not tell if they are running in the background. Speirs says that most apps in the taskbar no drain on the battery and that they have no CPU power. Your iPhone is not slower, how long the list is. Yet many people think that they are the best apps can "shoot".

Speirs says that an app has only five states:

  • Not running, the app is completely closed.
  • Inactive: the app is in the foreground, but the user does nothing.
  • Active: the app is in the foreground and in use.
  • Background: The app is running in the background.
  • Suspended: an app in memory that are no longer executes code.

Click your way through an app on the home button, it will be marked as Suspended. He uses no more CPU and battery, except a few exceptions such as navigation apps, music apps and apps for certain hardware accessories that simply working in the background. With these apps is also a strong intention. For most other apps is that they immediately state "Suspended" and end up no longer consume resources.

Double click the home button, then the multitasking toolbar appear, where you can the apps 'close'. But Speirs says so, that makes no sense because iOS yourself must ensure that apps are closed if they take too much memory or processing power. Apps in the background a temporary task, such as downloading files, after a few minutes will automatically be stopped if deemed necessary by the IOS. The 'Suspended' apps do not use more processor power and battery, but can be quick when you restart from the RAM to be achieved. RAM gets full, then cleans iOS this yourself. The apps you see in the list are multi-tasking, are not the active apps, but apps are a mix of status 'Background' and 'Suspended'.

In total there are five types of apps where it makes sense to shut them down, if you no longer want them to use resources:

  • Apps in the background music or podcasts, such as 538 or Instacast app.
  • Apps that use GPS locations, such as Roamler and navigation apps.
  • VoIP apps that are waiting for an incoming call, such as Skype.
  • Apps that download files, such as Kiosk / Newsstand or the iTunes app.
  • Apps that work with an attached accessory.

But once these apps have completed their task (eg a playlist or download files), will 'Suspended'.

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