Ultimate Friday, Apple printed a FAQ (often requested questions) the place you should learn what the results might be for individuals who at present have a MobileMe account. Referred to as MobileMe will stop to exist after June 30, 2012, after which most products and services proceed to icloud. In view that IOS 5 and icloud offered two questions again within the 'FAQs' ended, many individuals need their MobileMe account along with their customary Apple ID or a couple of Apple IDs collectively. However is that this conceivable?


Many IOS users in addition to their MobileMe account, a separate Apple ID, allowing her songs and download applications from the iTunes Store. With the advent of icloud you have a @ me account to have email, but can also simply icloud your standard Apple ID linked. People who currently have a MobileMe subscription to their data from MobileMe hosting their future course icloud account. But even people who do not have MobileMe, but such accidental two different Apple IDs to create their account may merge. To answer that question we tackle the FAQ page and a
support email icloud there.


MobileMe and icloud

A little away on the icloud FAQ page is also the question that probably many MobileMe users have to deal with: " If I have multiple accounts using iTunes and MobileMe, can I put them in an account merge and use with icloud? " Apple's answer : No. It is not possible to merge two accounts. You can post your MobileMe account to icloud transfer and with a different iTunes account, make purchases and "iTunes in the Cloud" use.

In short: You'll have your MobileMe account and transfer it to icloud a separate account to use for iTunes.

Apple IDs Merge

There are also people who have accidentally two different Apple IDs are created when purchasing songs or apps in the iTunes Store. Now that the recent addition to your purchase history to see the App Store and so easy once again to download purchased apps, many people ask themselves again whether it is possible to merge two accounts.

The FAQ on Apple ID gives Apple has an answer, but this response is so short that we can not figure out why that's not possible. 
Forum User Timmeh_ sent an email about the possibility of merging a MobileMe account with an Apple ID, but the answer also gives some clarity on this issue. "Tim, it is Not Possible to merge or convert your iTunes account with or to your MobileMe account as independent Both are two Apple IDs. Each ID must be unique Apple. "" They Will have separate purchase histories, and you will not be bootable to transfer from one account to another Purchases. "

It seems that it is not possible because both accounts make another purchase history and not be merged. This is also because some applications to be linked Apple ID when they buy. This will help to ensure that your applications can share, not with friends. Below is the full email from Apple's iTunes Store Customer Support.

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