Mobilex: iOS applications on Apple TV


Steven Troughton-Smith and Nick, aka TheMudkip. The 2 hackers have mixed their creativity to provide you with one thing new to the arena of Apple TV. They confirmed this weekend had been ready to launch purposes on the Apple TV field generally for the iPhone and the iPad . Each side useMobilex , an an identical of the springboard on cell gadgets iOS. After all, the Apple TV must be jailbreakées to revel in together with Indignant Birds, Safari, Fb, FaceTime (the video does now not work) or Cydia. Just right information, all runs in native 720p.


For now, the task is not within the reach of everyone. For example, the fact that the Apple TV does not support certain actions, they need to be made ​​using VNC server coupled to the use of a connection via SSH. But developers want but confident. Indeed, Troughton-Smith said via Twitter working on an SDK to make use applications ready for television. Friends developers, get ready.&#01
Note that neither the SDK, let alone Mobilex are at present available to the public.


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