Last year, the iPhone 6s came with the Chipgate, the annual scandal in 2015 came because Apple had mounted their chips from two different companies throwers smartphone performance disparate results. It seems that the Cupertino did not learn the lesson and this year have encountered a similar stone, this year being the component that is better in one version of the LTE modem.

What we already can begin to label as ModemGate it is that Apple has used two different LTE modem, one only supports the Intel GMS networks XMM7360 and the other is compatible with GSM and CDMA networks Qualcomm MDM9645. Like last year, the users that has touched an iPhone 7 modem Intel are disappointed, firstly because the LTE Intel modem is not compatible with many operator networks like Qualcomm and second because the modem from Qualcomm it is much faster than Intel.


Insights Cellunar made a simulation of performance they wanted to check the performance at different distances from the cell tower using two iPhone 7 with one another modem with Intel and Qualcomm modem. In all three tests they did, both iPhone in July offered similar performance as long as the signal was good. When the signal was coming down, the Intel LTE modem inexplicably lost performance, Qualcomm modem offering a roughly 30% better than the Intel modem performance.

comparison-iphone-7-cellularWhat iPhone takes each of these modems? Cellular Insights gives no global data on what uses what, but it says that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Verizon, Sprint and free carry Qualcomm modem. Moreover, the iPhone 7 T-Mobile USA and Telstra use the Intel modem. According to this information, and if I’m not mistaken, the devices sold outside the United States would use all Qualcomm modem, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

So, ModemGate? This year, Apple has made it all Fusion A10 orders to TSMC. Will they do the same with LTE modems in 2017 to avoid any possibility of -gate on the iPhone the tenth anniversary?

(Source: Cellular Insights)

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